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Goblintown free mints are now worth $42 million

June 15 2022

gₒbₗᵢₙₜₒwₙ ₑₑₛ dₐ crazy.

That's what some people are saying about the strangely successful GoblinTown.WTF collection, which launched as a free mint and has since skyrocketed as a craze currently valued at over $42 million.

A lot of what this collection did was surprising, and has inspired a wave of derivatives trying to recreate their success, mostly by speaking gibberish and breaking all the rules. Not only did they give away the initial NFTs for free, but they also didn't utilize an active Discord community to hype up or market the NFTs. Perhaps one thing that did get people's attention was a now infamous Twitter Space....

As Daniel Van Boom writes in CNET, "It was a group of about a dozen grown men making barely comprehensible goblin noises. For three hours. They spoke unintelligibly and at length about serving burgers to people in the audience with "Gary Pee sauce," a reference to NFT influencer Gary "Vee" Vaynerchuk."

Just when you think you've got NFTs figured out, the ever-evolving crypto space takes another turn!

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